Of creativity and you

In silence and solitude

 Sweet silence is music to the soul and solitude allows you to listen and to love your song. Being by yourself is being okay with you. To enjoy the silence and solitude and letting go of the chatter is discovering the joy in not doing, being comfortable in the pauses where your spirit resides.

 It’s not emptiness or loneliness but a moment in a moment without time, letting the moment take you in its flow and going wherever the spirit wants you to go. It is not silence without sound for in the very essence of your heart and soul is the music of you, and in the pause between refrains a solitary spirit roams, calling your name, over and over again.

To love unconditionally means loving yourself, and allowing yourself to be loved means loving yourself. There is no separation in the relation you have with your God. There is no retreat or attack, no shadows that surround, just a moment in time when the creative mind lets go, where:

 you are the silence you embrace.

In a solitude of creativity

you are comfortable

with yourself

In awe of nature

 It is the feeling one gets from being surrounded by life. Participating as if you are outside yourself and observing you in the creation, the machination, and the reintegration of the whole.

 Born in the depths of liquid darkness, bubbling to a surface of sunlight, if only for the moment to catch a breath of love then returning to the comfort of the known, over and over again. 

 Energy leisurely, effortlessly, flowing from a beginning where there is no end to an end where there is no beginning, and in the still space in-between, in the reverence of nature, you experience the possibility of what each and everyone of us can be:

 in a physical plane

where you know to be

all that you encompass

the beauty of nature

at your pleasure, as you please

In trust of feelings

 The canvas waits for you to discover what needs to be expressed upon it. The piece of marble, wood or fabric, what is hidden in its core.  The page, imploring you to find the words to give it meaning.

 It is through the excitement of knowing you are so much more than the instrument of your imagination that you want to tell the story until someone understands.

Whatever the media that chooses you to share the silence between the thoughts your creativity expresses, it is in your love affair with knowing that the love within us all is growing.

 Trust in the feelings that you have something to say, and a brush in hand, a chisel, or a pen is a gift from you to let the universe know that you are here, for the moment, and you care and in the realm of creativity:

 intuitively you feel the presence

in the silent spaces

where trust and reverence

binds in gentle thought

a cosmic love affair

In inner stability

 Beauty zigzags in and out of illusion, like a Butterfly in flight with no doubt or delusion.

A shadow dancer, pirouetting in the pauses and the passions of chaos and confusion.  A believer in the process knowing the journey never ends, and it’s the momentum not the outcome that feels just right.

 In the scramble of energy, in the tumbling of body and mind, you find that perfect spot where neither is, and neither is not, where:

 you are fragments and filings

in a vortex of chaos and confusion

reveling in the illusion of reality

the ever present you

lying just below the surface

where the water stills

and the sand is cool

 In childlike bliss

 When play becomes an important part of your anticipation of each and every day, boundaries disappear.  Seeing for the very first time everything that passes your way is an invitation for the soul to play.

 You interpret with feeling and imagination, each stroke upon a canvas a moment of fun, free of anyone and everyone, just you basking in the sun light of desires fulfilled. It feels perfectly right and from a tickle, evolving into laughter, what you do and who you are is the child in you,  dancing in a universe of infinite delight.

 All life that shares in your creation has a window opened to their particular light. Joy is your birthright and childlike the beauty you possess within:

 playing in a fantasy of grace

no boundaries in time and space

everything you touch

everything you feel

is old and familiar

and ever new to you

In acceptance of others

 You know, believing what you see, is born in your identity.  You can make the world around to be what you want it to be, simply by seeing what you want to see.

 You as creator form the world around and in you, in relation with the elation of surprising possibility. You become part of that Divine Design as you learn to listen, not interpret. Feel the wonder of creation, not wonder why.

 Hold softly your point of view, open to another’s vision. Knowing in your heart:

 you embrace what is true to you

without attachment or expectation

firm in belief yet knowing

there is always another way

aware of surprising possibility

you wonder at creation

but never wonder why

for in the Divine Design

there is a place for you

 In self referral

 No matter how it comes together through, struggle and strife, or just being a part of life, whether you conceive or the act is conceived through you, the senses observe only the end result, which has nothing to do with you.

 The necessary ingredient for any surprise is the love and desire you harbor within, is the process of honoring I am and I do.  Your creative talent is simply a way to say, I exist – this is what I do to say I love you.

 Each thought you have, a work of art, not setting you apart, but your way of sharing what you know to be true:

 you are everything you see

a reflection of the harmony

and balance of simplicity

uniquely crafted in your own eyes

the art of you

beneath an ever-changing view

of infinite possibility


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