Free To Be Me

I wish for you the perfect gift

under the perfect tree

not locked in a box, ribboned or tucked in a sock

but open for all to see

as visible as the brightest star,

this gift, hopefully received most festively,

would simply, and mindfully be

“a present me”

in this season of your making

I wish for you garlands of friendships in waiting,

a thousand lights of joy, harmony, and fullness for the taking.

I wish for you a time of believing

in a Pandora of possibilities set free.

a time to walk through the door

that has truly opened in your mind

and imagine you are as unique

as an individual snowflake caught in a flicker of candlelight

destined to brilliantly adorn the wonderful tree of life

where your light shines        and others see it

where your life matters        and others feel it

the gift I have faith you will accept most festively,

would be the peace of mind

that comes from believing in yourself

and finding the way, to finally say

“I’m free to be me”

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