What if God crafted you with his or her own hands,

and everything that floated by your space stuck,

everybody you crossed paths with left an indelible mark on you?

Would you,  given insight,  to the wisdom of your soul

be any less beautiful,   if life  had left you alone?

What if you were stored away

in some dark and unforgiving closet of your mind,

lined up neatly spaced from contact with another,

on a shelf,    out of reach of yourself?

Would you be any less than if someone

discovered what marvels and mysteries you possessed,

and brought you forward  to acknowledge in the light of their eyes

your own uniqueness and beauty?

What if all the clocks in your universe stopped

at just this time of day

and you had to live with yourself in the second?

Would you muster in your heart the strength to say     I love me,

if knowing this all the daunting drudgery

of time and time again would simply go away?

What if all you had were one hello,   and one goodbye,

and you were blessed to live forever

in this only lifetime?

Would you recognize yourself

if there were no elysian fields,       no heaven or hell,

no re-imbursement on previous trips,

only here and now,   earthbound,     one with the world?

Would you then believe      in happy endings?

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