a wind it is said is

the manifestation of the Tao

it is everywhere and nowhere

it is visible only in how the world responds

in itself, it is of no substance

it is noticeable in its’ absence and its’ presence

You cannot hide from the wind

nor leave well enough alone

unless you box yourself in

bury emotion deep to the bone

Tree limbs creak and stretch in the wind like

old dry arthritic bones waiting for the moment to snap

then, not a stir nor a whisper,

the willow weeps in silence

nothing moves when the wind lies down

then the rustle of air

that hustles from tree to tree

bush to bush, leaving a wake of

momentary silence in its path,

a precursor, of what’s to come.

everything not tied down shivers

Leaving nothing behind fills the present moment

no room for the unknown

nothing to interfere with the past-future continuum,

the safe zone, protected from the winds of change.

wind, what is it really?

a breath of fresh air?

can you taste it, smell it, touch it,

hold it in your hand?

can you capture it, hold it down,

change its direction, chase it down?

can you see it

other than a response to its presence?

Ah, but you can hear it

you can feel it

with the wind in your face

you know you are alive

Inside where it is warm and of comfort,

enjoy a mindless moment. 

Listen to the music of wind chimes,

and the branches of the apple tree tapping on the windowpane. 

birds dance in the wind

circle, hover, dip and dive

in the wind they thrive

they play it

wind moves water

When the wind stops, not a breeze,

not a whisper of thought.

Silence is the songbird

harmonizing with the soul

it is the sound that carries with it

the in-between before and beyond

wherever it comes from

wherever it goes

it always runs; hot, cold, brisk and bold

soft, sensuous, subtle, uncontrolled

yet consistent with this whirling dervish we stand down on

the wind swipes upon it ever eastward

scurrying in front of a tailwind in search of dawn

there is nothing that stands in its way

in its path everything bends and bows

wind is change

for nothing stays the same

once the wind passes through

wind the invisible hand of sunlight, the spirit of motion

scrambling from the sea, over the mountains,

across the deserts and into the plains

an unseen force affecting the motion of life

the wind can roar like a train passing

through the brain, or whisper

like a fat cat purring in the sun.

it can blow the seeds of discord and conflict,

or in a cool breeze,

on a hot day,

carry with it

the promise of rain

2 comments on “Wind

  1. what beautiful thoughts of wind…
    expressed within a mind of grace I think…


    • Thanks for riding the wind. It is actually a part of a longer poem and weaves itself through my thoughts on the writings of several spiritually focused individuals that have made a difference in how I see the universe. I posted the full version for you under the menu page “Publications” in the book In-Between Before and After.


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