A Still Silent Space

Here is the very spot where we made love.

You abandonment personified,

eyes closed, pure enjoyment

in the moment, in a still silent space

Over there, on a low concrete dike

that pretends to hold back

a jaded pool of tranquility

you sat chin to knee,

a happy Buddha lingering in the essence of being

In this space,

beauty has no boundaries, no edges

It just is

A pond of subtly blended shadows and sunlight

surrounded by a sea green shawl of moist grass

the forest wrapping it all in its’ arms

a perfect ensemble

It belongs here this emerald jewel,

in a solitude of mountains,

and you wore it beautifully

We never left here, we just left it behind, momentarily.

It was my dreamtime to imagine,

your still space to blossom in paint.

God has been keeping an eye on this place,

waiting for love to return.

Now, that I’ve taken over as caretaker,

nothing moves, not a breeze, nor a ripple

even the water spiders are tiptoeing.

It’s as if there is a film of time over a mirror

waiting for your beauty to reappear.

for though you love this place, as I do,

love is only half fulfilled

when here, alone

without you.

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