Surfacing Fears

Acrylics by Candis Flesher-Dodds
“Surfacing Fears”  Acrylic  by Candis Flesher-Dodds

if you go searching for things,

you will always find them

some dressed in mourning

some pure delight

sometimes you just don’t

want to go there

nothing more needs to be said

if you think there is

something underlying

then there is,

choosing not to go there

lays the fearing to bed

if you interpret what you hear,

the dark side dominates

don’t go there

choose where you want to be,

follow in the footsteps of your heart

the unspoken word

lays down two shadows

one of fear

and one of mistrust

my love for you

is surrounded in light

let it wash away the shadows

let it be

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