The Unified Field of Harmony

The unified field of harmony is a balance of negative and positive energy. 

It is the pendulum in silence at the pinnacle of the arc that folds in on itself.

Love holding the wings of a butterfly in the eternity of the moment.

It knows no meaning other that it is and I am.

It is the vibration of all that exists.

Every particle entrained in the void singing a single notion of unison and love.

With each thought, each note, each vibration, creation folding in upon itself in an eternal dance of joy and bliss.

Nothing else exists.

With each beat of this harmonious heart I am, I know, all that I perceive

and in the silent space between each beat I am again as I always was and will be.

Gravity is but an illusion for there is no falling or ascension, up or down, just all of us spinning around.

Perceptions held together by this illusionary glue of vibrations in sync.

It is our perception that the pendulum swings.

It is the stillness and the silence we must learn to hear and when we do, we will learn to fly.

All our hearts are touching at the center of the earth,

our minds flowing together on the surface,

and all together we rotate in a universal dance,

a particular particle in love.

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