Patiently Waiting



You can’t just ignore,

even in a warm soft summers rain,

the dampness and the gray of it

all around you reality

in the full five modality

regardless how senseless to the soul

It hurts this waiting on the unknown,

the possibility of change,

the door ever slowly opening

particles of light entering through you

waiting patiently for the waves

the phone call

the letter, anything concrete

that tells you with intent

the universe is with you and cares

If it isn’t, it should be

in the universal scheme

that each and every creation

has the pleasure of Gods’ company

while hanging on to this swirling dervish

and be invited to the ball

To have their dreams fulfilled

that’s all.  No big thing,

and if one should indeed attend

it’s an absolute, like water and air

your wishes will come true.

Whether there is a conspiracy

between the Tick Toc and the Now

I’m dubious to be sure

they both, at the present moment

are standing still while I,

jumping up and down

implore patience

in her own sweet time,

at whatever pace PULEEEEZES HER

to GET ON WITH IT!!!!!

It will happen

when it happens

if it happens to be true

the pace of which

has very little to do with time

and nothing to do with you

Waiting for something to happen

means you are waiting for something

out there to come through to you

You can’t nudge, push, force, sweat it

all you can do,

once you have done

what you need to do

is believe the universe cares

and what will be

will be good for you.

4 comments on “Patiently Waiting

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