My Hands Are Making Love To You

Leading up to Valentine day a repost for #6


My hands are making love to you all the time,

they’ve discovered a world of their own

humbly satisfying my senses fully,

they don’t just hold hands with you

they caress, fondle, grip, squeeze and tease

dance on the tips of your fingers

touching , exploring, reveling,

entwined in you


It is the laying on of hands

my hands holding on

to what the heart knows to be true


My hands make love to you walking down the street

alone with you in a crowd

they unembarrassingly make love in public

exploring privately only what my soul can know


Before you entered the rest of my life

my hands began to turn downward

they were being pulled earthward

growing heavy, arthritic  and tempered


They are free now to conduct your music

sculpt the soft sensual clay of you

trace your lips into a smile

and draw you close to me

write a poem or two

to say I love you

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