I’m your quality control guy

leading up to Valentine Day #7

I’m your quality control guy for love

24/7 checking your parts is my kind of heaven

I’m Love On Wheels

and when you’re hungry

it’s three square meals a day and snacks in-between.

I’m your Maitre’D

You can sit anywhere you like

but I’d prefer you sit on me

I’m your Valet

You can park it in my lot any time of day

I’m your Mr. Fix It

I’ve got the tool, you’ve got the fixin

I’m your Chauffeur

Drive you anywhere but prefer to drive you insane – gently

I’m your Tour Guide

Everything in your imagination I can certainly provide

I’m your ubby

Crazy without you

2 comments on “I’m your quality control guy

  1. A belated thank you. I’ve accepted a teaching contract in Chapala, Jalisco and it will require a new focus for awhile. My blog postings will have to take second chair for the duration. I do however look forward to spending more time on your blog and others in my free time.


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