a tsunami of emotion

Growing up in Canada, living in Alaska and New England I know snow, however, living in Mexico now, snow is but a memory of a weather report.  So here’s a poem to be read sitting by the fireplace.


If everything you planned for today

never happened,

simply didn’t play

what would you do?

Say what! So what!

or chalk it up to just another day?


You are the joyous creator of everything

that happens in the span of a lifetime

with the exception

of a sudden influx of insanity

or a tsunami of emotion

overtaking sensibility

and washing away

reality as you know it.


However, to know this

is to be in love with life,

to imagine today as the only day

sweet as it is, cloudy, rainy, cold, bitter,

sunny, warm, and wonderful,

and as it is,

not really caring about weather or not


so what if it’s this

so what if it’s that


you dress appropriately in mind

and deal with the possibility

of anything assigned

to the imaginary moment you are in


just another day you say

a wash away

a nay day

bad hair day


as we make it

a play day

Memorial day for the living

as it should be


maybe not

8 comments on “a tsunami of emotion

  1. another day to rewrite the beginning of yesterday
    ending today with a brand new start

    Your words flow with endless possibilities to create another work of art
    I enjoyed your thoughts very much….Thank you for sharing them…
    Take care…You Matter…


    • do thoughts matter
      as they are scattered
      turning into matter
      for us to gather….
      all thoughts matter
      for they whisper of us
      deep within a magickal love
      linking below here to there up
      knowing that, is sometimes enough
      sometimes more when strengthened within trust
      just my thoughts on what matters much

      I agree we all matter…I just say it in the scenic routes I take 🙂
      I say Take Care…You Matter… for myself to anyone who listens
      for in this chaotic world some of us get left behind when we don’t fit in the “norm”
      but then wouldn’t that make for a boring world if we were all the same?
      have similarities to draw one to an energy….have diversities to grow with that energy….

      Hope you are having a good day…
      Take Care…You Matter…


      • Having a great day playing with Haiku’s

        learning to fear not silence
        listening to the hum
        of earth’s core

        dark matter’s
        & togetherness

        an ever expanding
        vibrating as one


  2. Keeping our eyes on the positive does make the day go by. I’m pretty much a glass-half-full kind of person anyways. Always said we each make our own choices, so indeed we are the ones that ultimately choose what our day will be. Nicely captured.


  3. Thanks for visiting. Sometimes skepticism sneaks in but but an early poem captured it for me.
    “Some days are dog days
    some days are fun
    you rise in the morning
    never knowing which one.”


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