Haiku #7 footprints in the dust


warm evening breezes

church bells, and the smell of polle –

            someone’s last supper


            the flight of swallows –

swimming, feeding, frenzy

            everything is edible


            los Bobos dancing

over the empty bird bath:

            Summers foolishness

4 comments on “Haiku #7 footprints in the dust

  1. i like your series of haiku, footprints in the dust…the strong imagery of simple moments transported me to the scenes… (just curious why there are two #6?)


  2. Thanks for the heads up. posted these ahead of time and obviously lost track of the numbers. It’s a fate I have to live with living in a village deep in Mexico – never sure what day it is. Glad you enjoy the walk through the village, there’s more to come.


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