Father Hunting #2

Father Hunting is a series of 9 poems written in the first person, and chronicles a son’s search for a father who left him when he was a child, and never returned.  It is a story of dealing with loss, abandonment and over many decades, discovery.  It is coming to terms with life as it is, not what  it could have been if only.  It is searching for something that never really was there in the first place, and overcoming the loss of love through the son becoming the father.



Wherever life’s journey carried me

there was always one street I looked for


each house complemented a neighbors

from each a soft glow in the mist

gave the aura of home

a tempered light always shone in a window

somewhere a familiar refrain

a dog barks

a door opens

someone calls a cat


there was the ever-lingering voices of children

diving into mounds of leaves, jousting with chestnuts

the hedges were low

the fences decorative

the willows and maples paired

and danced together in the breeze.


one street I came to know where ever I went

where there was room in the mind for nothing

but a hot fire and a warm bed


where every door passed

brought me closer

to far away from where I’d been


in the shadows of embers of light,

I could see my footsteps freezing behind me


and I’d want to lay down

close my eyes

wake up home



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