Father Hunting #9 Re-birth



Now I am Captain of a blue eyed son

my father a silent passenger

in my train of memories


was there a curiosity,

a wondering of child,

or could my father never have known me

in the sense of owning me in his heart?


for my blue eye child



that I could ever not have

a constant wonder of him

have him on my mind or in my heart


could we father, have been so different?


Bogart Daddy, could you have never cared

for this silent partner in your life,

this shadow of laughter and cries?

could you not have nights,

moments of reflection,

curiosity of me

or the father I strive to be?




why is it so difficult to bring to and end

the well of it when dry


in the male of this

that suffers

the new start,

the beginning of the end.

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