The Lovers is a painting by French surrealist Rene Magritte, created in 1928. Museum of Modern Art in New York City.


what is it that I must learn from you?

why am I in your lifetime

sharing your space

privy to the dark side of your moons


I see you stripping away

at one another

scarring the fragile surface

that separates and bonds

the his and her of you


becoming in my awkward view

the antithesis of one another

the very thing

you least like about yourself


in the midst of your screaming frustration

silence stands beside me,

arms folded, arrogantly listening

as your voices jab at one another,

incessantly, mercilessly shredding

any sense of oneness


certainly it’s not that I need to be

so foreign to my present

to be outside looking in


or that the experience,

so opposite to the wonder

of the loving relationship

I now share, needs a reality slap.

it can’t be a lesson in white & black

I’ve been to the dark side

of my moon and back


it’s not that I have any power

to influence the paths you have chosen,

the negative vortex,

spaces you’ve created around yourselves

nor would I


I guess it’s not

what I can glean from you

or what I could

possibly do for you


it’s more what I can learn about myself

accepting where I am

who I am

in the midst of turbulence

tearing away

at the very flesh and soul

of what we could all be


if only

one stopped

and listened

to one another


I mean really listened

6 comments on “Uncoupled

  1. I love Magritte. Whenever I am in NYC and at MOMA I make a special pilgrimage to see his paintings.


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