In a Heartbeat

Alex Katz  Upside Down Ada  -

Alex Katz Upside Down Ada –


In a heartbeat of a single moment

measured in time

In the strange attraction

of the unpredictability of a lifetime passing,


imagining you are where you want to be

waking in the morning thankful

for the chance to have it this way.

The love, the joy,

the wonder of each day

opening in a dance of warmth and loving.


Or even better,


being who you want to be

igniting a passion for life that scintillates in light,

dancing in the dream of limitless wonder

sharing that which only you can be

your unique and special gift

for doing what you absolutely love to do



paused momentarily on the Eden of day and night,

all your memories gently washing over you,

receding in waves of recollection

casting ashore the sands of dreams

in and out of your imagination,

silhouettes and salutations balancing the outline

and inner word of your particular story


better still,


imagine you are with whom you want to be

this very moment wrapped in arms and legs,

anchored to the soft and beautiful

wedded to the possibility of all

that is wonderful in a relationship


where seashells lace the tides separating day and night,


where the future, waiting on your light,


enters your present one moment at a time.

3 comments on “In a Heartbeat

  1. I found this beautifully inspirational…on this day when I am overwhelmed with fatigue and problems…

    Your post is like a lovely escape. Thank you ~


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