A room of mirrors

Rene Magritte   The False Mirror

Rene Magritte      The False Mirror


it was all a dream world

until now


life passing through me

filtered in a haze

of stillborn memories


a room of mirrors

each a reflection

of who I thought I was

in time


each one a framed perspective

of a soulful moment of mine


each day a new beginning

washing over and around

my shoreline of rocks and broken timber

receding, bleeding back

the life of me


back into the here and now of me



it is not that we don’t remember

where we have come from

the primordial mix

of all that we can see


it is what we hold on to

each time we crawl back from the sea


what is left

in time passing

a polished stone

a clutter of debris


each day of us a loving memory

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