Li Erh

remembering-lao-tse-Brett Whiteley,

remembering-lao-tse Brett Whiteley,


even through the eyes,

the medium of an evenow

master, in awe of which

I am humbled, a ray of light that shines

in the denseness of it all, after thought occurred.


having glimpsed at how the old master

gave words to the way it is,

the Tao of it, or should be,

all I have come to understand is

but an echo of all there ever was to be said.


I only have the words

to repeat what the universe

has whispered in my ear

spoken with a virtuous breath not my own,

for I borrow all that I am

from all that has been and is.


from the unseeded, the silent delivery of a word

comes forth out of nowhere, to say nothing

that hasn’t already been said


excuse me for repeating myself

each of us is given a voice to turn a particular phrase

over and over again

to say what has to be said

until someone hears the truth of it

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