Wait, Be Patient, Be Still

waiting - Nicholas Roerich,  Wikiprints.org

waiting – Nicholas Roerich, Wikiprints.org


When you are in-between going nowhere

all possibilities are open to explore

you walk to the door seeking satisfaction

retracing your steps, pace back and forth

the distance between beginning and ending

diminishing with each retro action

until you stand and spinning



You know that if you face

one way or the other

your energy will exhaust

on the very edges of the known universe

creating a wind behind you

that will bring you home

be patient


You dwell in the pause

the safe silent space

you have always tried to reserve

where no one enters


it is full of white noise

the crushing sound of always

pounding on the doors and windows

of your soul

be still


Every breath leads to another until

5 comments on “Wait, Be Patient, Be Still

  1. “Pure and still, one can make things right everywhere under heaven”–Tao Te Ching. Your poem is so like my favorite quote…


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