Feline Trio


Paul Klee  Cat and Bird  WikiPrints.org

Paul Klee Cat and Bird WikiPrints.org


What minds you?


with the fat cat belly down

ears fully extended

contemplating the chickadees

pouncing on and bouncing

off the bird feeder

I’m on edge

waiting to tackle her

in mid launch.

Isn’t it always the way it is,

your thoughts playing the story,

regardless of what it really is.


and fundamentally satisfied,

claws clipped short,

she may just be listening

to the chirps

and the wind chimes


why don’t I

mind my own business

Me.yow 6.0

It doesn’t let you live without it

double for the hassle

triple for the insult

all pervasive,

visibly supple,

sublimely discreet.

obsequious never

with no need to speak

for unable to communicate

beyond me.yow 6.0

she always lets you know

always gets her point across

 and always gets her way

gato intuition

cats intuitively

go where


you do not want them to go.

They undoubtedly have

in their shifty, sly heads,

an innate ability

to sense trepidation,



in your mindset.

While tapping into

the universal consciousness

connecting us all

like puppets on a string

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