A Fall From Grace

laying-down-the-law.edwin henry landseer Wikiprints.com

laying-down-the-law.edwin henry landseer


To what do we owe the FALL

from a state of grace and oneness, into illusion?

Why the separation in the first place? Was it Hunger?

As simple as tearing the husk from the corn,

meat from the bone, wanting to experience the aftertaste.


Was it the need to know the duality of the manifested?

What’s on the other side of the door, and if so,

why would it ever be that so occupied with pleasure, happiness, and

wellness, we invite pain, suffering, and illness to the party.

Could we have so overdosed on ecstasy

as to dream up the illusion of grief.


Where was the Almighty ALL-in-ONE in all this –

with the lawyers maybe,

drafting up a few laws to go along with the fal:


the law of supply;

let’s let them think there’s never enough


the law of attraction;

how about they really don’t want what is good for them


the law of intention;

like wake every morning with an attitude


the law of compensation;

we make it so it never works out the way they thought it would,

nobody reaps what they sow.


the law of growth;

feet firmly planted in reality – they’re not going anywhere.


All leading to the law of impermanence – oops you’re outtahere,

the parties over, come back when you’re karmalized.


It’s all a joke, right!

Right in front of us, the answer staring back at us,

the emptiness is full of laughter and de-light

and what we assume to be darkness is simply

the absence of the sparkle in the ALL-in-ONE’s eye

in contemplating the sentient one’s impertinence

in assuming it could be other than

non dualistic


and one.


What’s the illusion, the fall or the effect?

Why the cause on the be?

Why not settle for the sanity

of living in the light and letting it go at that

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