It will be there



the-swing, Erte

the-swing, Erte



It will be there

possibly a sudden serendipity

slipping through the cracks in the universe

or a door left ajar enough

to let a little light in

providing a path of opportunity for whom you,

believing to be on the other side of fame and fortune,

albeit impatiently perplexed

with unrealities’ distemperment of time,

believing as well that it will be where you are

timeless in the right of now, accepting

appreciatively that which is

for that is the way it is


and you know

it’s tough as jerky on crumbling teeth,

seemingly difficult at times

when the pendulum slices through the arc of time

and you face it head on

and it feels like

it is so like a razor separating

the soft and cellulous

you on the chin

shake it off

rake the litter of fall and winter,

crack open the vision of the universe

giving you what you ask for now ,

certainly prior to Einsteinium Eternity frozen in time


as one would have it

harvesting sunshine is seeing all the colors

of the spectrum, radiating in your wonderment

of the goodgodness in you.


And so it shall be as it is, this tired swing

hanging on a limb from the tree of life,

ever swinging in the wind

ever joyful for the moment, the pause,

on either end of the vibration,

where it is to be found

an instantaneous locality of everything that is,

providing you with exactly,

neither measured in time or space,

what needs to be there, for you

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