Today is the Day

easter-chimes-awaken-nature-Alphonse Mucha

easter-chimes-awaken-nature-Alphonse Mucha


understanding stands by the doorway of a quantum leap,

apprehension, the Maitre’D of age holds the key


on the other side of the door

there is no more than can be imagined

transcending thoughts transforming notions of possibility

awaiting your creation


this day has always been waiting for you to arrive

alive with the love and potential energy you bring to it


waiting patiently on your awareness


waiting for your creation


waiting on what you want it to be


a thing of beauty, a thing grace


today as everyday the sunrise and the sunset

are bookends for the stories you create

the birthright, the toddlers stand,

the child within and the urge to mate

the maturing of existence knocking at the gate


the same story, over and over again

each volume, a day in the life of

all there is and all there will be


So choose this day the words you speak

you would say to a loving you

and the people that you meet

will only hear you say I love you and I care


no matter how fast seems the hustle of our lives

dawn approaches as if a butterfly

evolving moment by moment at the speed of light


it is never too late to step outside yourself

and experience the world around you

that’s what it is there for

waiting on your awakening

2 comments on “Today is the Day

  1. this morning I woke to the whisper of the word resurrection
    meaning so many different way to define
    I grew up in a Methodist faith, and parts of it is very much still there I think…
    I always thought if Jesus died on a cross to bear our sins, then when he returned,
    he resurrected being witness to us living life to the fullest for path, each faith we choose to follow with no judgement of right or wrong…

    in reading your thoughts here I feel a resurrection of thoughts within to whisper on the wind….each finding the home they belong to as if each words is part of a foundation….

    Beautiful is the flow of your thoughts…they wind deep within and allow one to feel as well as hear…and give pause to think quietly
    Thank you for sharing the picture you have created with words…
    Take Care…You Matter…


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