This old apple tree

Posted for Abhra’s Poetics ~ Tree Poetry at dVerse Poets Pub.


This old apple tree

is a holiday inn for birds.

A bastion of bugs that are room service

for anything that flies, crawls and festers.


I imagine me as a tree

with hot apple pie & ice cream

on the menu.


My blossoms, particularly beautiful,

a canopy for an apple crumb and coffee

on the deck, followed too soon

by the smell of rotting apples underfoot,

then naked, baring but an apple or two

hanging on like loose skin

flapping in winters’ long, cold, breath.


I imagine being reincarnate

offering a feast of fruit

in every lifetime.


I’m to look at it all,

the crusting apple tree

budding outside my window,

without imparting my perception


for then it becomes

all that I am.




17 comments on “This old apple tree

  1. thanks Brian – I am sure we all have apple tree memories. One of mine is getting a wee bit ill eating green apples and salt and smoking my first and last unfiltered camel sitting in an apple tree.


  2. It is cool and raining (first rain in 145 days) and it would be ideal sitting here on the patio eating hot apple pie, but alas in central Mexico apple trees are a thing of the past – ice cream however….


  3. Oh, I really like this. I like the way you started out with the hospitable apple tree and then moved on…..metaphorically. Hot apple pie and ice cream would definitely be inviting….and a feast of fruit would welcome a multitude of guests. Very clever presentation.


  4. Oh to be an apple tree … and the blossom and the fruit is a bliss… but then come the naked fingers of the tree. a true change with the old apple lingering… I really like that twist.. always the two viewpoints that give a poem strength


  5. Opening lines are my favorite ~ You have given a tree an amazing personality, being reincarnate of giving fruit every lifetime ~ I also like the blossoming & fruits ~ And nice to meet you at D’verse


  6. I grew up with apple trees, the branches bent almost breaking beneath the burden of the fruit. There are few bounties like the gift of an apple tree in a good year.


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