It’s a mum’s day everyday somewhere

Teething Silver


There’s a job waiting in heaven
for a little lady that loved the world,
and from what I know, the world loved her.


She began her apprenticeship
as a guardian angel almost a century ago.
Since her birth, almost everything we know
in the world today is new,
except how people treat each other.
She has seen the worst

that we can do to one another,

and through it all,

her touch would simply say,
I believe in you.


She gave us all the gift of giving
and taught us all how to give it away.


She was forever trying to pass things on.
for she had a passion for the beautiful and gentle.


“the heart of my child
was forever packing away
small portions of herself
emptying her neat shelves
into the safe closet of my lifetime


the teething silver that caps
a crystal vase
a white dolphin
grandmother’s lace


these were things I never deserved
for my hands are too thin and callused
for the porcelain fingers
for the delicate embroidered plates
for the intricate silver lockets
and fine boneware of her life.


these were the things of memories

that grace the evening years,

they belonged to the last light in her eyes”

Her environment was a sharing of how

she viewed the world as it should be,
could be, would be if only.
Because of her,
I am proud to receive
and thankful to give.

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