God’s gift to aging poets


God’s gift to aging poets is convenient lapses of memory

without which scraps of paper

scribbles and scratched out rhymes

would inundate the mind

with nothing behind


if all the poets within you lined up on parade

each would have book in hand written in sand

for the waves of time to wash away


another day, another line

written down center stage

then relegated to the author’s play


every poem ever written

by a poet thus smitten

takes it’s chance of being

well spoken or never given

a second glance


so for the poem that is lost to the eye

for the voice not yet heard

for those leafed in a book

a letter bundled, in a stationary repose

I suppose it is said laid to bed

and will arise when needing to be read

6 comments on “God’s gift to aging poets

  1. This made me smile – how many times have scribbled notes on scraps of napkins or edges of envelopes made their way from the bottom of the pile to become a poem. And who knows where they came from – what thought or feeling – wonderful, John – K


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