It is


It is a difficult road to travel without a doubt,

full of hardships and obstacles.

It is going to take a long time, maybe forever.

Separations will be painful, full of loneliness and grief.

The future at times will seem like a black void

that sucks in all the misery and woe you can think of.


It is going to be BLEAK! BLEAK! BLEAK!


Turn it around.  Turn it inside out and upside down.

It is all about believing in you

What you ask for in the name of love

will always come through


In the presence of love

you no longer need to harbor

in the space between day and night,

the dimming of the light

the shadow world of wrong and right.


In the presence of love you know straight and true

that you are part of everything and everyone,


your life has meaning.

No longer bound, nor demeaning

and you know just what you have to do.


In the presence of love

you no longer doubt

the world about you is full of miracles. 

As your vision clears,

the first miracle you see is you,

open to all that is possible,

now, this day and everyday

knowing there is so much more –

all that you imagine,

all that it is.


Put it out there. Shout it out!

Feel it, believe it,

know it will be the way you want it to be,

then let it go.

6 comments on “It is

  1. Love this john, considering im moving out west away from my family its almost as if this was put in front of me for a reason. Beat wishes to you!


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