A blessing or a curse


I wonder if it is a blessing or a curse

this understanding we label

so rightly and wrongly

joyfulness and sadness.


The happiness that we feel tempered

only by our unwillingness to let it go,

the sadness by the framework

we have come to know.


We own our own happiness

yet we are in constant denial

that we alone command the smile.


We know of no abuse

beyond the shadows of our soul

yet wrap our minds and hearts

in the sadness of others.


Inventing heaven to flame

and hell to smother

the fires of our desire

to live in the moment

between joyfulness and sadness,

to be both in our understanding

yet aware of one and one another.


No matter how your feelings respond

you cannot assume or mother, beyond

the being there to console another.

be-aware, that is your only role.

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