Nothing changes, yet…


everything does

what it is supposed to do

exchange a moment for a moment

a time in line with itself

curving ever back upon itself

repeating that which is

until all is visible, all is light


The same songs are sung over and over again

the same person walks in and out of your life

the same painting hangs on the wall

until you can see it


Then it becomes

as it always has

an image that reappears

until awareness takes hold and you see

all of that which is visible

through an inner light

Change is relevant

to your being where it happens

here and now, as it always is,

yet always is never more

than a moment, a line drawn

in the invisible memory of your mind


If you are so inclined to repeat

that which you have already seen,

a reawakening of a previous dream,

it is telling you to look beyond the visible

and seek the changeless in-between

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