Having been unfulfilled for so long


Having been unfulfilled for so long,

you would think prosperity

would knock on your door toot-sweet


You listen,

going inward,

beyond dimensions

your triumvirate brain


elevating past

the fourth floor

of your imagination,

into the mind field

of multiple dimensions

you know are in you

all around you


Yet nothing happens!


You wait,

in the heat of the afternoon

while birds whisper

in the shadows

of limpid leaves,

tinged by the slightest breeze.

In the stillness

you wait.


It has already happened!


Wake up to the knocking at your door.

It has always been right there.

You just have to be aware.

5 comments on “Having been unfulfilled for so long

  1. Nicely said. Sometimes I think we are blinded to fulfillment at the door by our own historical idea of what fulfillment is that may no longer apply to our contemporary selves.


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