You keep trying to figure it out. 

Keep writing your own story

trying for the perfect ending…if this happens…if that happens

I’ll…if I do this then…if you say that then I’ll…


listen to the Ego telling you what to do. 

It’s the great prelude to trying to control

the situations that might be. 

Believing that if you could only

handle everything that comes along,

pre-empt all possibility,

analyze all potential obstacles

in a moment in time down the line,

figure it out ahead of time,


as if time

had a beginning and end

and you could control the outcome.


One minute you are walking on water,

the next you’re hanging upside down,

and what was a perfectly positioned smile

turns into an in your face frown. 



One minute you’re taking a breather,

with a sigh of relief you sit down,

before you know it,

you are six feet underground.


What gives?


Your brain and your mind are a duet of a kind

working here separate from what you know to be true.


Manipulating the future is like altering the past.


You need to be joyful of memory

and open to what comes along when it does,

knowing it will unfold in its own time in love.


Learning to be true to yourself is being aware

of the dichotomy of life,

the past and the future,

the wrong and the right,

love and fear going round and round

until an opening occurs and you embrace it.



If the way is open before you

And you can’t see it – is it open?


If the way is open inside you

And you can’t be it – is it open?

If the door is open

And you can’t go there – is it open?


If your shadow is behind you and you can’t turn around,

is the past open to you?

If the river flows beside you and you stand your ground,

is the future open to you.


What you bring to the embrace

is your perception of who you are. 

If the vision is one of love,


carries with it an inner awareness

that all possibilities are there for you,

trusting you are here for a reason,

then the way is open for both the shadow and the light.



When the door opens

and in walks surprise,

let it enter unsurmised


when the door opens

anger may appears,

let it be a part of you

needless to fear


when the door opens

many things believed in

may simply disappear

all the order in your life

may rearrange

and everything or nothing

may never be the same.


when the door opens

stay, still time

manifest the child

be open to your self

let love radiate from you

and nothing will enter

your life but love

7 comments on “Openings

  1. Awesome piece, my friend. I am spinning with questions and thanksgivings. I don’t mean to intrude, but I am curious to know, how is your new life in the classroom?



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