Laughter has a way of dying out.

Even the echoes, short lived as they are pronounced,

dissipate in afterthought and contemplation.


Living is as moody as not.

The body, fraught with ins and outs

ups and downs, frenzies information,

often on deaf ears, still hearts


In a silence that allows

the wings of hummingbirds song, an aberration,

an anomaly, a message misinterpreted or ill conceived,


a dying on the surface of a living lung

expresses itself


What baffles the body, at times, undermines the spirit,

yet the bodymind intention is everclear

the essence of some sensibility

so out of place, so foreign in a private space –

is there, and wants you to be aware.


you of course

in due diligence

open to an attitude

a latitude of listening

must want, without fear

to be willing to hear


you understand

that what is received by one cell,

what enters the vast emptiness,

is complete in every sense.


you know this now,

what is everywhere is within hearing,

for nothing enters

and is not heard


you know now,

as you have always known, though unaware,

a single thought born in silence

emerging like the wings of a butterfly

unfolding from a crack in the universe

flooding your body in mindfulness.



Poems from “In-Between Before and After

2 comments on “Discovery

  1. thank you Laine, I find I have little time to venture in the blog world myself preparing lessons for the coming school year. It all starts on August 1st and as I enter my 7 decade it is somewhat daunting that I should be returning to school.


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