By Chance Alone


By chance alone, or by design

layer and layer we build upon hopes and dreams, buried in

a thin slice of ash and bone the rains pound down,

the sun bakes, new growth comes to the alter where

God calls home


If we accept the inevitable return to where we have

come from, sooner or later it will sink in, this wheel

of fortune we are on, that unless we step aside

and choose to observe the spin, we’ll be here, now and then,

again and again and again


Can there be randomness, a Divine purpose, or

just the way it happens to be, a breath of life, disappearing

the moment light rises above the mist of a mountain of darkness.

in a shaft of brilliance illuminating the center of the universe

becoming in the wink of an eye

a target


We have but three choices in the current understanding

of cosmic probability, in this peculiar field of whys

there lies out of necessity and contingency

God, omnificently

Just is, naturally

and the Observer, silently



Poems from “In-Between Before and After

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