Until Someone Listens


the gardener

standing beside your garden

glass of wine in hand, hose on the hip,

systematically watering row by row,

ignoring the pending summer storm


Nurturing denial, leaving nothing to chance,

you kybosh forecasts and the farmers almanac,

and have, absolutely, no use whatsoweather

for the unpredictability of the

New England mountain air.


Seeding, cultivating, coaching life

out of rows of knee & hand tilled soil,

how wonderfully you make it all part of you,

passionately so, reflecting your inner beauty.


Mothering the earth comes natural to you.

It is quite amazing how you

become absorbed in your surroundings

knowing perfectly well

it is all an unconscious illusion,

and I in my simple vision

of what a moment in time would look like

if all the blessings of Tao

were to blossom within me,

see you gardening

and enjoying every minute of it



Poems from “In-Between Before and After

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