Angel Lesson #3 & #4

words have wings


a letter forms in the brain

a chain reaction

originating in the heart

and trampled by a dominion of thoughts


a word slips between two lips

rushes upon the universe

in a wind of wonder and surprise


something happens


the word becomes a butterfly

of caring and sharing

leaving a blush

on everything it touches


or something sad to say

leaving everything

in the world

a touch darker





because light

as we know it

leaves a shadow behind

we so often focus on the memories

of what could have been


sadly we seldom see

nor do we realize

how beautiful can be

the vision we command

of our reality


when we realize all that we can be

first touch enters

then light


what we make of it

is neither wrong nor right


our choices are so really simple

we can wonder in daylight

or wander in the night

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