Angel Lessons #5 & #6 & #7

This series of “Angel Lessons” was inspired by Andy Lakey 1956-2012.  He was best known for his 2000 paintings of angels, created between January 1, 1990 and December 31, 1999. He was a prodigious painter, focusing on original works and has been collected worldwide.


there are no coincidences


you will happen upon

a moment in time

when all the universe

is handing you a line


somewhere deep inside

the dormant recesses

of your inner self

you will say “that’s not mine”


and maybe, just maybe

you’ll act upon

the guidance you receive


the message plain and simple


“the path I need to travel

is the one in me, I believe”





life could well be spent

learning to receive


yet giving

is a lesson in itself


flowers would never grow

without water


trees would be green with envy

without sun


and what an empty world

we would be

without the giving of life


life could well be spent

learning  to give


life in the moment


today I died a little bit

but how wonderful was it


waking in the light of morning

breaking into my dreams


drifting out of noiseless slumber

into a cacophony of bird and bustle


crystal light

shattering the shadows


and feeling good about being

alive for the moment


when was it that I first learned

to love myself?


not yet

then when

and why not


now is just the right time

no the only time

in this lifetime

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