A Not So Terrible Wind Approaches

This maybe a little premature, however given the weather report for América del norte possibly not.


Early Winter somewhere

Early Winter somewhere

dead leaves flounder

on dull mirrored pavement

scurrying around occasional headlights

branches of cultured trees

shake off the vestiges of fall

as winter commandeers

and kingly enters the scene

Darkness is never so dark

as viewed in backdrop

of a seasons yawned awakening

a season of sleep

and fitful dreams awakening

So it is and so it has been

in this nowhere land of origin

that nature dies upon the land

that before we, even learned

that death precludes creation

she lay down, shuddering,

slept, dreamed

and began again.

The only more serene

then festive lights aglow

on empty streets

is the green of memory

of what has been

never again to be seen

until a single bud

seemingly lost to expectation

enters on a future of possibility

humbly and almost forgotten

The skinny of it

leafless and moaning of lost words

scribbling a description of the beauty of birth

in the glory of dying

Nothing waits silently

at the entrance of winter

and wishes all a good night

empty streets

silent nights

headlights passing out of sight

dressing shadows

in festive light

a not so terrible wind approaches

for in the dawn of darkness

huddles the harbinger of light

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