Read Me

Random thoughts on Poetry on a rainy day


A poem says, read me, I am what you see in me.

It is a living thing and once written you don’t have to leave it alone.  You can rename it, add, delete a word or two and change the form it’s framed in.  It’s the object of imagination. Malleable, never cut in stone.

What you can’t change is the voice you give it or the rhythm it contains.  The emotions, love or fear, no matter if sincere, will in all ways be true to you.  And its message, subject to the moment of creation will always be the same.

Like you, your objective world can change.  You can rename yourself.  You can rewrite your story.

You can see yourself anyway you want to be, depending on the view you choose and what you want others to see.

No matter if sincere, you can’t give voice to other than who you are.  If you believe you are created in Love, you have nothing to fear.  The message you convey, to all who choose to listen to what you say, is simple, loud and clear –

you are a poem that says,

read me as I am,

not as you think I can be.

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