There are times when a hug -audio

This is a re-post of a poem with the recording.   I am so fortunate to live in a community where hugs and kisses are a natural expression.


There are times when a hug

is all the warmth your body needs

is enough to quench the thirst of a parched soul

is exactly what the spirit holds onto

In particular the moment you close your eyes

when your thoughts seek solace in the comfort of sleep

or just before the sun rises in the predawn silence

when doubt lays hidden in the shadows

and expectation is still asleep.

These two momentary pauses,

the pinnacles of the pendulum of life

before it swings from dawn to dusk

from day to night –

are the way stations, the rest stops,

the benches on the Path,

where hugs are waiting

for every soul that journeys

through the darkness and the light

When for whatever reason the embers burn so low

only hope and love will stay the cold

that settles in the bones,

the well is dry and the thirst remains,

the memory and the promise of a hug

wets the lips and warms the heart

Art by Candis Flesher-Dodds

Art by Candis Flesher-Dodds

Posted to open link night 129 dVerse Poets Pub

14 comments on “There are times when a hug -audio

  1. sometimes touch is all it takes…a hug…and acknowledgement…a reminder that we exist….far too often people are consumed with themselves too much to actually care about another…

    you can see it play out this evening in those that link but never visit anyone…


    • I am now fortunate to live in a society where touch is acceptable. With regards to visiting, I am trying to follow more sites as I’m learning to navigate the blog world, enabling me to revisit and read at my leisure, however I have yet to figure out how to follow sites other than wordpress which has convenient follow button on the top of the page. Take for example Scarlet Verses – Grace aka Heaven. Is bookmarking the only option?


  2. Beautiful thoughts expressed here. There is something very special about night hugs, the ones just before one sleeps and the ones just before one arises! Hugs definitely warm the heart.


  3. This poem really slowed me down and made me remember how good a loving hug feels. Thank you for that. And thanks so much for your follow of Heart of Life Poetry, I really appreciate it. Wishing you ever greater fulfillment in the writing life.


    • I worked with a small studio in Hamilton Ontario and don’t know what they used. I am going to check out the recording options here in Ajijic shortly for my new collection and will let you know what I find out. In the meantime I will be posting around 20 more recordings – Hope you’ll like them.

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