There is a sacred place – Audio



There is a sacred place for everyone including

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you, where there are mountains in your rocking

chair time, and from where you sit you can see as

far as the spirit wanders and the eyes amaze.


A place for you where the sun remains anchored

to the universe, the world revolves and falls

backwards into the waiting arms of the full moon,

into a safe space, where your thoughts become one.


Where you can stand astride the earth, stretch

your arms to tether the polar caps and captain this

giant ball of atoms as it hurdles and spins through

matter, creating a wind of possibility combing

your mind.


In this your sacred space, the sky envelops you.

You are part of all that you see, and in the

distance a silver horizon drawn on a white canvas,

slowly disappearing into canyons of your mind,

searching deep into your soul, where you become

a part of every possibility.


Here, the visible boundary is the luminescent aura

of all that surrounds you.  Where in the remnants

of rainbows you go gently embracing your spirit,

letting yourself believe in you.



14 comments on “There is a sacred place – Audio

  1. I had to read this twice as the final stanza felt like you were speaking directly to me and I had to make sure the sensation I was experiencing was real. I feel like I was just given a beautiful blessing through your poetic words. Thank you!


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