making the most of our twilight years


birthday girl

birthday girl



Celebrating your birthday today

more than just a yearly trip down memory lane

it’s a thankful reminder

that if you live long enough, and believe.


Lasting relationships don’t just happen,

often it takes what seems forever,

to find the driftwood

that makes for a work of art

in the heart and mind of a drifter like me.


I’ve always been a dreamer,

Inventing colors, bird-dogging rainbows.


Cocksure wishes came true,

And memories should and could

Be made of the same ingredients

As the aroma of after love,

Or a kitchen perfumed with preparation

for a feast, for two.


Had the day not happened,

Sky blue would be a tinge grayer,

Sunlight a bit dusky on the best of days.


In the evenings under a canopy of stars,

Sitting by the fireplace, listening

to the mellow sounds of season,

Not so beautiful


Without the essence of you

Sharing the space I am in.


For the sun is a touch warmer now,

Days a little longer lasting,


And nothing, I’ve ever done

More fun, than loving on you.



5 comments on “making the most of our twilight years

  1. I really enjoyed this, John. My husband and I will be married 38 years in January. In all those years, we have made our steps one day at a time. Happy birthday to your lady.


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