Ajijic Revisited

“a borrowing of bones” is my latest collection published first on WordPress in 2015, focusing on the Village of Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico.  –Disfrutar

Waiting for the parade

Ajijic is a small village nestled on the north shore of Lake Chapala, Mexico’s largest lake, and surrounded by the Sierra Madres, it is a world onto itself, where behind the walls, windows and doors are always open and welcoming.  After visiting, it was only a matter of time before returning to what is now, home.


walking through the

village: life as I’ve known it,

now, never the same

A cascade of efflorescence adorns

the rustic brick wall beyond which, 3K miles north,

a lifetime of dubious intention waits on my return.

In the moment, I am captured under the delicate

brilliance of a canopy of bougainvillea,

the color of my lover’s lips. Momentarily

an alien on another planet.

Nothing grows that seemingly hasn’t been here

forever, with a fragrance of life so delightful

as to buffer the external myth of having been

trapped in a never ending ascension of regret.

Outside these walls, here nothing seems

out of place in a chaos of color, light, texture;

a wheelbarrow of raw fish, dogshit on the curb,

the harmonious shattering of speakers blaring

down the streets, hooves on cobblestone, all

competing for the byways and airwaves.

A contentment of life on a stone surface,

below which, survival rules natural, inherited,

spirited. Here light reflects on the fabric of the soul.

I sit silently, listening, reveling in the moment,

wanting to wave a magic wand, and have

this place, this space I stumbled on

wrap it’s arms around me and never let go.

Having had a glimpse of life in the slow lane,

I left a trail of dying marigolds behind me.

It took a lifetime to return to this haven,

this temperate and congruous village

I now call home. After cutting the plastic

umbilical cord, leaving nothing behind

but heartstrings, with the seasons passing,

there is no going back, for here,

surrounded by life, is where

my bones have come to rest.

The photography focuses on Lake Chapala and the surrounding villages that include Ajijic, Chapala, Jocotapec an so much more.  In addition to my pics many have been contributed by Antonio Ramblés  . Visit Antonio Ramblés travels blog at www.antoniorambles.com

5 comments on “Ajijic Revisited

    • Truly a haven and I will be posting my latest collection of poems focusing on this wonderful space I am in – mentally and physically over the next month. A belated thank you for your visits to my blog. I’ve been remiss lately in visiting many of my favorite blogs – in a writers retreat – now looking forward to a leisurely holiday season of exploring poetry. feliz navidad y feliz año nuevo


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