Life As We Know It

Photo by Author

Photo by Author

Here two worlds live side by side, harmoniously.  Walls separate one another, yet life dances to the rhythm of conscious matter and mystery, and time is only what you make of it.


life as we know it

two different worlds

                vida tal como es



A gravely Mayan head

wrapped in a rebozo of garden brilliance,

wearing a crown of uncombed flowers,

            lords over his space

behind these walls.

My neighbors’ horses, on the other side,

neigh in along with tequila con limon,

musica emanating from a boom box,

accompanied by a chorus of fowl.

Science, religion, politics strive to define life

through conception and misconception,

while all the while, beyond the wall,

skimming the lake, echoing across the mountains,

impregnating the air, life dances

to the rhythm of conscious matter and mystery.

Behind these walls shadow and sunlight

tease time, chimes provide the tick tock,

the subtle vibration of the pulse

of a tempered sun’s shuffle behind

a sauntering burro of a languid lazy wind,

pausing, now and then,

to nibble on the crest of palms trees.

Barely a breath of a breeze ground level

where shutter speed is the blossoming of an hibiscus,

and the silent glide of vultures overhead,

            a world without deadline,

within and without.

In this land of handmade walls,

and separate silences

what seems to be a boundary to some,

is but a portal to two different worlds

life as we know it

            vida tal como es

The photography focuses on Lake Chapala and the surrounding villages that include Ajijic, Chapala, Jocotepec an so much more.  In addition to my pics many have been contributed by Antonio Ramblés  . Visit Antonio Ramblés travels blog at


6 comments on “Life As We Know It

  1. Thank you, and a belated thank you for your visits to my blog. I’ve been amiss lately in visiting many of my favorite blogs – in a writers retreat – now looking forward to a leisurely holiday season of exploring poetry. feliz navidad y feliz año nuevo


  2. Lovely to hear your poem being spoken.. I added another deeper depth to its meaning…

    Many thanks for sharing… and thank you again for stopping by my blog.. I have yet to moderate your comment… But I wanted to drop by . I am so pleased I did and glad you are back..
    Blessings Sue


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