Early Spring Showers

Photo by Author Sunrise Lake Chapala

Photo by Author
Sunrise Lake Chapala

The sun is the constant reminder of why there is no need to rush into things, as if we need to be somewhere other than, do something other than, for the predictability of its warming entrance, and gradual stroll from one end of the lake to the other, brings with it the bone dry seasons, and the tropical rains, following one another like a dog and it’s master.



early Spring showers

seductively teasing sky

all wishful thinking



It is cool enough this morning,

a whisper of vapor rising off the coffee,

            cloudy enough to let the sun sleep in.

Eventually, at its own pace

day will sweep away the cobwebs,

combing the recesses of sleep filled minds,

and lay a linen of silent heat

over the village, while siesta’s

            sluggish footsteps barely trouble dust.

Devoid of shadow, dogs melt into sidewalks,

cimmerian doorways lure breezes,

trabajadores hunker down under jacaranda.

Time lingers at the back door of evening

until the sun leans over the horizon,

            leaving behind a seasoning of blossoms.

It is cool enough this evening,

butterflies lie in quiescence,

hummingbirds torpor

in the branches of the orchid tree.

Inevitably, thirst bares the bones of caballos,

            a raspy dry wind canvases

            the village like a lingering hot flash,

            life slumbers in a stifling heat,


            waiting patiently –

                        until the rainbird sings

The photography focuses on Lake Chapala and the surrounding villages that include Ajijic, Chapala, Jocotepec an so much more.  In addition to my pics many have been contributed by Antonio Ramblés  . Visit Antonio Ramblés travels blog at www.antoniorambles.com

13 comments on “Early Spring Showers

  1. Lovely, John. I always like experimenting with different forms and will try that one day. Thanks for posting!


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