Dawn’s Lesson Today

dawns lesson3

Change happens here at its own pace, sometimes a pleasant surprise, and other times like a stubborn burro frustrating expectations.  One never knows what tomorrow brings; you just know it will arrive on your doorstep as a welcoming friend.

 Dawn’s lesson today

there’s no going back ever

you take what ‘s in play



It’s the time of year

when petals bully their way

through the open doors.

chimes greet the wind

as it chases the temperature

through the garden

man and beast, watching

the sky for rain clouds, with

the patience of an expectant fathers.

a time of change

            the rainbirds

                        have been calling for,

the parched throat of

            gnawed over fields

                        have been thirsting for


nature staging life,


springs into summer,


waiting in the wings to fall gracefully

into the dead of winter

            it is the time of year

                        life’s narcistic search

for the green in its reflection

            taking center stage

                        and waiting for the applause

The photography focuses on Lake Chapala and the surrounding villages that include Ajijic, Chapala, Jocotepec an so much more.  In addition to my pics many have been contributed by Antonio Ramblés  . Visit Antonio Ramblés travels blog at www.antoniorambles.com

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