You Take Yourself With You


Some meander through life never touching down, others never go beyond where they began, each in their own right, following a passage through life with a mixture of contentment and conflict. If life is but a borrowing of bones, we cannot speak for one another when it comes to calling a place home, but we can, when we stumble or slide into a space that makes living in the moment, satisfying to the soul of what matters, share on a stroll through the village what we have discovered.  


You take yourself with you 

wherever you go

dust settles


It has all come together, aquí –

the shoreline of my youth

the mountains in my dreamtime

the myth of vulnerability

exposed to sunlight and color

after the rain,

after putting together Humpty

and climbing down off the fence

my daemon

and I, sharing a margarita

over the hero’s homecoming



self park

here, no other way

having arrived

The photography focuses on Lake Chapala and the surrounding villages that include Ajijic, Chapala, Jocotepec an so much more.  In addition to my pics many have been contributed by Antonio Ramblés  . Visit Antonio Ramblés travels blog at

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