Valentine Day 2015

 Remember when


On this Valentine Day three poems from my book “Ageing Beautifully in Light of You” for Candy:

Classy / Adorable / Naughty / Devine / Yes!

 When Dawn Breaks Across the Stillness of the Night


 when dawn breaks across

the stillness of the night

and daylight filters through dreams

of all we have pleasured and pained


we are there for each other


unboundedly wrapped in arms and legs,

anchored to the soft and wonderful,

a wedded link to the possibility

of all that is beautiful in a relationship

where someone listens, someone cares.


mornings are made for us

our days open in a dance

of warmth and loving,

one with the passage of light

no shadows in and out

of our hours together and apart.


the grumps, frumps and frailties of aging,

churning out the chapters of lives lived,

melt beneath the covers             drift away

with each passing moment

of each and every day


we have the pleasure of our company



and the comfort of knowing

in our heart and soul

we are fearlessly where we want to be.

yesterdays sauntered aimlessly

and lulled about heaven

casting no shadow

leaving seldom behind

now it’s all in a day’s grace

this loving space we are in,

walking giftedly beside each other

no less favored then before

but lighter footsteps and fewer doors

with a companion to love, trust and adore


as we journey now,

on the evening of our lives

toward a sunset of the visible light

more spring than fall

more time trailing behind us

than to be laid down


the life we share is not the beginning

for we have always known each other


nor will it be the end

for we will always be together

time and time again


red rose


My Hands Are Making Love To You


My hands are making love to you all the time

they’ve discovered a world of their own

humbly satisfying my senses fully

they don’t just hold hands with you

they caress, fondle, grip, squeeze and tease

dance on the tips of your fingers

touching , exploring, reveling

entwined in you

It is the laying on of hands

my hands holding on

to what the heart knows to be true

My hands make love to you walking down the street

alone with you in a crowd

they unembarrassingly make love in public

exploring privately only what my soul can know

before you entered the rest of my life

my hands began to turn downward

they were being pulled earthward

growing heavy, arthritic  and tempered

they are free now to conduct your music

sculpt the soft sensual clay of you

trace your lips into a smile

and draw you close to me

write a poem or two

to say I love you

 red rose

Count Me In


The heart and soul of a couple are not immune to despair,

for the wear and tear of the ego will always be there.

The mind is ever capable of wandering

down dark alleys and wallowing

in the wasteland of what’s it all about.

So, if one day, doubt enters on a word

trailing with it sleepless nights all too surreal,

nothing as always is ever the same

and you need a friend to say I love you

count me in

If codependency means someone to lean on

in times of anxiety and pain,

if it’s pickup when you’re down,

a smile upon a frown,

or simply someone to be there

just to know you are around

count me in

If you need someone to talk to,

someone to listen and hear you

cry it out, SHOUT IT OUT,

or just to be there

which is really what it’s all about

count me in

 It goes without saying that it works both ways.

If you wake in the morning wanting

to be there, thankful for being alive,

in stride with the love of your life,

that’s not dependency, it’s just

I’m your husband and you’re my wife.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing

both the highs and the lows of every day’s caring,

believing that you can, without a doubt,

depend on one another to say

count me in

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