SEN-ESSENCE – I want to paint a picture with words

 SEN-ESSENCE, “on the art of aging’ published in 2010, is available on amazon.  After being officially labelled “old” at 65 by the Canadian Gov’t, in SEN-ESSENCE, over the last many years, I have explored the aging process (senescence), and the attributes (essence) that make us who we fundamentally are – forever young at heart.



I want to paint a picture with words

for you to look upon in wonder

at the texture,

the composition,

the blending of content

with color and awe.


I want to write a poem

that you would want to frame

and hang on a wall.


Possibly crocheted or,

etched into a shellacked heart.


A poem that could be

engraved on a floor mat

welcoming you to my home or kitchen.


The ultimate of course

would be my poem,

blended on black velvet

with a picture of Elvis.


Then again maybe a line or two

to be read at a morning meeting,

embossed on the top of a covey calendar


I want to build something

with words, that makes you stop the car,

step-out, stand in wonder,

admiring the grace, the majesty

the complexity of form and motion

where nothing stands still

everything is moving in a dance

of vibrational energy.


If able, with the right word, the perfect

medium, a stroke of the pen in a dance upon a page

that generates an emotional response,

unexpected, controversial, intriguing.


A poem in color that states


what I intend


and you feel


Most of the photography accompanying the poems are from a photo essay of the elderly (los Ancianos) who reside around Lake Chapala, Mexico.  Los Ancianos, published in 2013, can be found on Antonio Ramblés travels! Blog:

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