SEN-ESSENCE – re-tire, re-tread, re-make

 SEN-ESSENCE, “on the art of aging’ published in 2010, is available on amazon.  After being officially labelled “old” at 65 by the Canadian Gov’t, in SEN-ESSENCE, over the last many years, I have explored the aging process (senescence), and the attributes (essence) that make us who we fundamentally are – forever young at heart.



Re-tire, Re-tread, Re- make,

time comes

when you need to stop expanding

in the universal scheme of things

whoadown, slow down,

leave behind the rebound,

spend time staying healthy doing the daily

comealong, and not much more.


Re-mind, re-start, re-take,

go with the flow of a transcending theme

quantity dis-abled, quality en-abled,

joy embedded in the doing and so much more.


It’s all about making room

for the new shoots,

nature nudging you to go out and play,


reinventing yourself versus

becoming  a product

of a disposable world.


If you don’t use it,

you know,

it wears down

from lack of friction with life,

and rusts.


Most of the photography accompanying the poems are from a photo essay of the elderly (los Ancianos) who reside around Lake Chapala, Mexico.  Los Ancianos, published in 2013, can be found on Antonio Ramblés travels! Blog:


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