SEN-ESSENCE – what do they do with your email

 SEN-ESSENCE, “on the art of aging’ published in 2010, is available on amazon.  After being officially labelled “old” at 65 by the Canadian Gov’t, in SEN-ESSENCE, over the last many years, I have explored the aging process (senescence), and the attributes (essence) that make us who we fundamentally are – forever young at heart.



What do they do with your email, when

your laptop becomes part of a tag sale?


you are out there now

reluctantly exposed on cyberspace.

a digital footprint

arthritic, calloused, fatigued,

and wary of the web.


generationally a pre-TV

analog relic, in love

with the ease of exploring

for the moment, the now.


someday someone stumbles on

your netlingo, a litany

of acronyms and leetspeak.


for what it’s worth,

garage sales are more obtrusive.

your life grandfathered on tables

and lawns, perused and fondled by bargain hunters.


eventually, everything is disposed of.

time as we know it,

the only barter

separating us from the inevitable.


Most of the photography accompanying the poems are from a photo essay of the elderly (los Ancianos) who reside around Lake Chapala, Mexico.  Los Ancianos, published in 2013, can be found on Antonio Ramblés travels! Blog:

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